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Greenway Environmental Services, LLC is a privately owned management company with headquarters in New York. Our business is focused on the transportation, collection and management of solid waste and recyclables. We feel that our management experience and our capabilities to speak and deal with our vendors in industry detail are what set us apart from our competitors. Our knowledge base extends across the rigors of the multitude of industry disciplines - including trucking, landfills, transfer station operations and billing. We have the understanding of the benefits of this industry through the adoption of our hands-on operational attitude. We work closely with our customers and vendors, at all levels, to ensure quality control. To us, the relationships we cultivate are vital to our continued success, along with the ability to pass the benefits of those relationships back to our clients. Implementation of our continuous monitoring program can significantly reduce your waste disposal expenses. Our services range from an analysis of your current waste removal service and recommendation of how to reduce costs, to a consulting agreement where we perform all tasks related to securing waste removal services, the management of contractors and the payment of bills.

Our Services:
Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Account Bidding
  • Account Management and Management Reporting
  • Right Sizing/Service Modeling
  • Invoicing and Client Accounting
  • Customer Support
  • Vendor Relations
  • Temporary Containers
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Online Capabilities
We believe that Greenway Environmental Services is very capable of providing you with a professional and cost-efficient solution that is tailored to your needs, that will undoubtedly result not only in savings for your company, but also serve you with a more satisfactory end result.

Greenway Environmental Services, LLC
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